Our company specializes in the construction of laboratories using shielding and electromagnetic compatibility. We provide innovative, complex solutions tailored to the specific needs of development and construction departments.

We produce laboratories in stationary and mobile versions. We install standard EMC swing doors, shielded ventilation systems and power filters, which ensure the shielding effectiveness of the entire laboratory at the level of 100dB for frequencies up to 20GHz.

Rooms with supporting structure

The main advantage of this solution is the ability to design any size of room and research space inside. We build structures up to 1000 m2.

Self-supporting rooms

They provide the possibility of expansion, change of configuration and installation in small rooms. We developed our own modular approach to build this kind of chambers which gives you maximum flexibility.


The structure of the research laboratory uses sea containers, both standard and high (High Cube HC). We produce laboratories in non-standard lengths - up to 12.05 m. The laboratory structure is self-supporting and allows the finished laboratory to be moved in the target hall. It also allows laboratories to be stacked, which significantly saves space in the hall.


A standard research tunnel consists of 4 panels forming a cuboid open at both ends. The modular design allows you to create sequences of such units of any total length. Additionally, the space of such a laboratory can be closed with external walls and EMC doors.


It is the smallest available research laboratory, most often used for testing and calibration of small devices, e.g. smartphones.


The rack is a similar structure to the tunnel, but has an open side space, which provides easier access to devices.