Your premier engineering solution for electromagnetic compatibility

Welcome to the forefront of EMC engineering excellence with EMCEK, a leading Faraday Cages producer based in Poland.

We have been delivering best-in-class EMC quality for 15 years

Own design studio

In-house design office of engineers and designers allows us to offer solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring that every project is meticulously planned and executed. Our team maintains full control over the design process, resulting in efficient, high-quality EMC solutions.

Extensive machinery park

Our machinery park enables us to build Faraday cages entirely on our own. We have full control over the production process, which means attention to detail and quality at every stage. With our advanced machinery we guarantee timely delivery.

Modular design

EMCEK stands out with an innovative approach through their modular construction. Thanks to this unique solution, our EMC cages are flexible and easily adaptable to various customer needs, while providing excellent protection against electromagnetic interference.

Unique EMC door features

We build our Faraday cage doors from scratch. That’s why, they effectively shield radiation up to 40 GHz at a level of 100 dB. This is confirmed by laboratory tests and numerous implementations. We create swing doors, sliding doors and roller gates – manual and automatic.

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Faraday cages, also known as electromagnetic cabins, fulfill an extremely important task in the area of strategic data and information security. They protect against the effects of external electromagnetic fields. A Faraday cage with a special cover made of conductive material does not allow electromagnetic waves to pass both from outside and outside. Electromagnetic waves and currents are trapped and circulate around a special shield (Faraday grid)

Farady cages, such as those from EMCEK, are one of the best ways to protect against the effects of electromagnetic threats. These types of solutions guarantee security in the following areas:

  1. shielding,
  2. filtering,
  3. electrostatic protection

We have found an innovative and extremely effective way to use steel panels. Our Faraday cage is made of special modules, which provides many benefits. First of all, this type of design ensures optimal adaptation of the solution to current requirements. Moreover, such a cage can be expanded in the future. Also, necessary reconstructions and renovations in the future will not be a problem. This cage can also be easily moved.

Our company offers comprehensive installation of the offered devices, while maintaining the same investment budget. Customers can count on our professionalism during:

  • preparation of design documentation,
  • carrying out construction works,
  • performing internal installations,
  • integration with external systems,
  • supply of equipment for a server room or laboratory,