Our company specializes in providing professional solutions and technologies that ensure absolute information security. In this area, we combine experience in shielding electromagnetic radiation with the competences of counter-surveillance specialists. We prepare an anti-eavesdropping room in offices, conference rooms or specially designated spaces. We also deal with IT security and computer forensics.

Securing confidentiality through EMC

Our private meeting rooms ensure confidentiality and protect against data interception. Additionally, they block the passage of electromagnetic waves, protecting against eavesdropping and ensuring increased acoustic protection. We meet NATO-secret standards.

Wiretapping detection and IT security

Effective detection of wiretapping requires a combination of state-of-the-art anti-eavesdropping technologies, competence in electromagnetic shielding and the experience of best specialists in the field of counteracting surveillance.

Shielded rooms are created wherever information protection is important. They are most often installed in military facilities, embassies, banks, government facilities and financial organizations.

In our company we prepare them at the headquarters of company management boards, as well as in research and scientific institutions. Our offer includes the so-called Faraday cages, i.e. electromagnetic cabins, thanks to which the customer is protected against external electromagnetic fields. Such cabins do not allow waves to pass through - neither inside nor outside, making the anti-eavesdropping room absolutely safe.

Emcek anti-eavesdropping rooms protect against:

  • radio eavesdropping
  • eavesdropping via mobile phones
    IR and laser
  • eavesdropping
    against seismic eavesdropping
  • secretly recording conversations
  • interception of emissions from computers, screens, etc.