Discover what distinguishes our unique doors for Faraday cages

  1. Up to 100 dB shielding: Our doors are designed with the highest shielding effectiveness in mind. Thanks to this, they are able to protect against electromagnetic interference in the frequency range up to 40 GHz.
  2. Tests confirm quality: we have carried out a series of tests to ensure that our doors meet the highest standards. The results are impressive – they easily meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers.
  3. We build from scratch: each unit is individually designed and built 100% on our own.
  4. Market trust: Our Faraday cage doors are used in various sectors including electronics, telecommunications, medical and research.

Swing doors

Depending on your needs, we offer various kinds of Faraday cage swing doors: single-knife and two-knife or rebated. They can be opened automatically, semi-automatically and manually

Sliding doors

We produce single-legged and double-legged sliding doors as well as rebated doors. In our Faraday cage sliding door is unsealed, sealed and opened using various types of drives - electrically or electric-pneumatic.

Roller gates

This kind of gate is used as a partition for partial discharge Faraday cages.