Faraday cages

This is how we secure electromagnetic compatibility

We are the Polish EMC industry leader in terms of the range of products. Our unique solution is the use of a modular design in the creation of Faraday cages. This unique approach makes our EMC cages flexible, easy to adapt and easy to modify.

We also create EMC cage doors, unique in the industry, providing effective protection against radiation up to 40 GHz, achieving shielding of 100 dB. The effectiveness of our solutions is confirmed by tests and implementations

EMC doors

We create a variety of screening doors 100% on our own: manual - single-legged, two-legged and rebated, as well as sliding and roller gates.

RF. Faraday cages for labs

We produce laboratories in stationary and mobile versions. We install standard EMC swing doors, shielded ventilation systems and power filters, which ensure the shielding effectiveness of the entire laboratory at the level of 100dB for frequencies up to 20GHz.

Secret rooms

Our private meeting rooms ensure confidentiality and protect against data interception. Additionally, they block the passage of electromagnetic waves, protecting against eavesdropping and ensuring increased acoustic protection. We also provide comprehensive support for meetings with an increased level of confidentiality.

EEG - medical uses

Our solutions provide insulation against external interference that may affect research, as well as protection against strong magnetic fields.

Server rooms

We protect against data leakage, interference and EMP electromagnetic impulse. We install gas extinguishing and precision air conditioning systems.

EMC components

We offer a full range of components for Faraday cages. We create seals, filters, ferrites, shielding meshes, antennas and jammers.