Low-pass EMC filters

All equipment that is to be sold on the European market needs to be compliant with strict standards of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). By conforming to these standards, the devices are able to work properly without being interfered with operation of other equipment. The EMC regulations applied in the EU are very strict, and equipment manufacturers are required to make the standards in use uniform. We offer high-class EMC filters and low-pass filters compliant with the most rigorous EU industry standards.

Our product offer includes a range of professional filters for shielded rooms, voltage EMI filters, ground filters, signal filters, and voltage filters for shielded rooms. We’ve spared no effort to make our offer extensive and met all of the relevant standards and requirements: both those set by the EU regulations and those expected by our clients.

The whole series of voltage filters has been designed especially for anechoic chambers, shielded rooms, and shielded chambers. The filters can be also used in  secure rooms. They offer very high performance and a very high attenuation level, i.e. up to 100dB from 14KHz to 40GHz. The filters are also characterized by a very low leakage current rate at mA level, and the voltage drop level is less than 1V. The last characteristic describes also our grounding EMI voltage filters – voltage drop occurs with the power factor maintained at its full level. Voltage filters for shielded rooms, in turn, are very easy to install and known for their compact dimensions and high performance. Their function is to attenuate electromagnetic interference and to ensure harmonic attenuation. They perform really well in protecting circulation areas, MRI/MNR, and are suitable to be used in SCR converters, power conditioning units, anechoic chambers, and shielded rooms.

EMC filters

Our EMC filters offer a high level of electromagnetic compatibility thanks to appropriate arrangement of wires inside the casing, and thanks to the method of grounding connectors. On this account, EMC filters are designed as low-pass filters, which guarantees a perfect ‘barrier’ protection against interference both coming from outside and generated by a given device itself.

We also provide our clients with extensive technical support.