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EMCEK - producer of Faraday cages


We specialize in providing reliable solutions to ensure system safety and maintenance 24/7, all year round, as proven by numerous successfully completed projects. Our safety systems guarantee effective protection of resources against physical and electromagnetic threats. We offer reliability, quick reaction time and low administration costs. Working with us lets you take advantage of safe and dependable solutions.

Faraday Cages

Faraday cages and net

Faraday cages, also referred to as electromagnetic containers, play a very important part in safety of strategic data and information. They protect such data and information against the impact of electromagnetic fields. Faraday cages feature a special covering made of conductive material thus blocking electromagnetic waves from both outside and inside. Electromagnetic waves and currents become trapped, so to speak, and circle around the said special covering (Faraday net).

Faraday cage

The cages we offer are one of the best solutions for protection against the impact of electromagnetic threats. Our systems guarantee safety in the scope of:

  1. screening,

  2. filtering,

  3. electrostatic safety.

Innovative modular system

Our long-standing experience, a team composed of experts in the area of electromagnetic compatibility, and knowledge of the needs and expectations of our clients allowed us to come up with an innovative and highly effective usage of steel panels. A Faraday cage is formed of special modules, which offer a number of advantages. First of all, such structure makes it possible to tailor each solution to particular needs and requirements. What’s more, such cage may be expanded in the future, and there’s no problem with recomposing or repairing it if necessary later on. It may be easily moved about.

Out of concern for the comfort of our clients, we offer a full scope of installation works while maintaining all agreements concerning rigidity of the investment. Our clients are entitled to our professional service in a range of circumstances:

  • when developing design documentation,
  • when performing construction works,
  • when setting up building service systems,
  • at the stage of integration of the system with external systems,
  • when handling deliveries of server room equipment,
  • in case of warranty and post-warranty support.

You can trust us

We are ready and able to design and build rooms of up to1,000 square metres, ensuring a professional approach and offering the most competitive pricing on the market. Our commitment, extensive experience and expertise of our staff make us a truly trustworthy and reliable business partner.

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About us

Here at Emcek, we specialize in independent construction and equipping of Faraday cages that ensure full isolation from the external electromagnetic environment. The cages and other solutions offered by Emcek comply with the highest standards of electromagnetic and physical safety. Our products are used in a range of institutions and facilities where safety is of particular significance, including research centres, medical facilities, and server rooms.