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Owing to a wide range of surveillance techniques, the professionals dealing with eavesdropping detection should be equipped with something more important than just an eavesdropping detection device. It is crucial that they possess an expert technical knowledge of electronics, optoelectronics, information and communications technology (ICT)/ teleinformatics and physics. They should be highly experienced and have specialist equipment at their disposal. An amateur can be easily recognized by the equipment he uses – usually an all-purpose “bug detector”.

Hiring anyone to perform these tasks could bring a lot of damage and make the client be lulled to a false sense of security; in other words, the security will only be illusory. The specialist equipment enabling to detect bugs is very expensive but it is still not enough if people lack experience. Bug detection also involves manual work with the use of inspection devices. There are bugs undetectable even by the best detectors in the world (for example glass microphones on optical fibres etc, without electronic elements like semiconductors). A high-ranking specialist will never depend just on a “bug detector”.

We have, among others, a cutting-edge device for bug detection OSCOR GREEN (civilian version OSCOR BLUE) used bythe world best counter-intelligence services. OSCOR GREEN replaced the old-fashioned and no longer manufactured OSCOR 5000, already withdrawn from the service.

We offer detection, location and removal of surveillance technology:

  • Recording devices
  • Wireless bug listening devices (analogue, digital, with spread spectrum, Wi-Fi, GSM)
  • IR and laser bugs
  • Power line bugs
  • Low voltage line, TV and telephone taps
  • Stethoscope bugs (with access to the adjacent rooms)
  • Hidden wired and wireless micro cameras
  • GPS location trackers and GSM locators
  • Computer keyloggers

The examination includes:

  • Source intelligence (away from the examination place) and physical check
  • The spectrum analysis and radio frequency scanning (up to 25GHz)
  • Power and low voltage line check
  • Examination of the room’s devices and equipment (physical check and with NLJD)
  • Examination of ventilating ducts and sound channels
  • Examination of walls, floors and ceilings (with NLJD)
  • Examination of the computer and the telephone
  • Examination of the adjacent rooms
  • Examination of the car

After completing the task, we prepare a written record of the operations carried out detecting wiretaps , in a form of report of the Information Security Audit, and we suggest possible changes to improve security. In addition, our client receives tips and information on how to reduce the risk and effects of surveillance.

NOTE ! The examination of the room takes about a few hours !