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After an anti-bug examination, you can feel relatively safe. It does not mean, however, that after such an examination somebody will not try to get access to your information again. There are also situations when conducting anti-bug checks is not possible, or there is shortage of time, or it is not cost-effective (as it is in case of rented premises). Then it is recommended that counter-surveillance security should be installed.

We offer the following counter-surveillance security:

  • Protection against radio eavesdropping
  • Protection against mobile phone tapping
  • Protection against  IR and laser eavesdropping
  • Protection against seismic eavesdropping
  • Protection against hidden conversation recording
  • Protection against  computer, monitor, etc. emission interception

For this type of commissions we use portable devices  that produce harmonic speeches, acoustic vibrations of window panes and constructions and jamming devices. We provide access control. The devices and their use is in accordance with the law.

We protect rooms from electromagnetic radiation and RF leakage , building a Faraday’s cage with the high-tech lightweight materials (mats, paints, foil).

We install:

  • Temporary security systems (confidential meetings, working sessions, council of war)
  • Permanent security systems for protecting rooms  with the help of security devices