Analysis of cell phones – UFED

Analysis of cell phones and mobile devices , password recovery , deleted data , text messages , spyware applications detection.

Our company uses the most advanced methods used by computer forensics. The device used, UFED Touch Ultimate, offers the most efficient decoding , data recovery from your phone and other mobile devices , and allow to analyze the data and create reports. This equipment uses the methods of both logical and physical data recovery from the SIM card , text messages from your phone and other files and data, even deleted . With the UFED Touch Ultimate any passwords , data or file systems with smartphones, tablets or mobile phones can be successfully recovered.

The analysis of portable devices and data extraction from UFED Touch Ultimate is an absolute breakthrough , which uses all the latest and most effective methods and options:
•for Blackberry devices with OS version 4 , 5, 6 or even 7 – physical recovery and decryption of data ( in the case of some models, also in real time) ,
• for devices which work on iOS operating system – support for both the unlocked and locked devices (the jailbreak )
• for all devices operating on Android – unlocking equipment protected by a password, a, PIN code and a pattern ,
•for Chinese chipset device ( UFED Chinex ) – comprehensive help
• for GPS devices – data recovery and decoding Tom- Tom logs,
• for mobile phones – recovery of all available, hidden and deleted data , such as : recovery of the messages (SMS, MMS, e- mail ) with your phone contacts, the calendar , files, passwords, location data (GPS , Wi-Fi , etc.) , recovery of the SIM card data and other information and files ,
• bootloader ‘s data extraction- the technology used is patented ,
• the possibility of action in the open field by using the appropriate connector terminals (4 most common wires for communication and charging equipment)
• continuous updates ensure compatibility with the latest models of equipment.

Interguard means:
• the ultra-modern software with high decryption capabilities as well as capabilities of reporting , analyzing and recovering data from your phone ,
• diversity of recovered data :the news, the calendar, contacts , connections , media files , applications , etc.
• modern algorithm for text search or based on specific settings ,
• control of the order of occurrence of events
• highlighting the data corresponding to certain parameters ,
• in the physical extraction a possibility to restore deleted photos ( thanks to the option of recovering incomplete data )
• routing calls in the chronological order ,
• creating comprehensive reports in various formats ( XML , PDF, HTML , etc.)
• retrieval of information from SQLite databases and their search and preview
• data recovery from the SIM card ,
• presentation of information in the hex mode – a wide range of features , such as data search based on irregular expressions
• highlighting the decoded data – in the hex mode and in the view of the information examined
• Python interactive shell – expands decoding capabilities
• editing, creating coding keys and the support for a variety of scripts and plug-ins.

Capabilities of the devices:
• Instant identification of the phone is at the beginning stage of the examination – UFED Phone Detective
• providing access to information for specific persons – UFED Reader
• data recovery from devices based on the Chinese chipset – UFED Chinex

Interguard offers you :

• Retrieving data from a variety of devices , as a result of the cooperation with many manufacturers :

  • 3953 – the number of phones supported by means of logical extraction
  • 1727 – the number of phones supported by means of physical extraction
  • 1441 – the number of devices supported by data extraction from the file system ,
  • 804 – the number of models from which we recover the password.

• Full recovery of data from the phone and unlimited access to the data :

  • both existing and deleted , including the recovery of text messages from the phone , contacts , links , multimedia files ,
  • from the SIM cards
  • from the external SD card
  • from external applications (e.g. GPS)
  • internal, such as IMEI and IMSI history ,
  • for access to and recovery of passwords

• Efficient and reliable recovery :

  • lack of any inconsistency in drivers
  • protection against viruses,
  • the MD5 and SHA256 support
  • security of reports and files containing data acquired , not allowing it to be changed.